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Thursday, July 14, 2011 @
wow i mia for freaking long liao. sho many things happened. june hols also long over liao. into crazy school liao. gym handover just now. really wanna be a good captain man... really worried right now. aha but my batch is really capable and everything so yah... and eunice and clown too! :) love you sec 4s <3 awesomest tards ever. will really miss yall. feel so weird w/o u guys hovering above our heads during trng. trng's gonna get a little bit quieter now. today's pt was the funnest in centuries. although it was tiring like shit, but it was awesome. jolene made us do planks, side planks and toilet squatting 3 groups in a circle. and to bear the suan, we started singing the school song. we hav never sang the school song so loud and proud ever b4 aha. it was damn retarded. and it was freakin fun. callie is just sooooooooo funnaye and cute. during the ball game, she was laughing like a mad cow/hyena. SERIOUSLY i can just laugh at her laughter all day man. then during the gym handover everyone was crying like shit. aha. especially the sec 4s. love u guys to nuts.

oh and we had our stb presentation rehearsal today. as always, our group the rachels and niya and i are forever the screwed last minute ttm one. u know, we only knew that our prentation outline was due on the day itself?! tat's why the previous night we were like "wah we so productive! why everyone chioging english pt like shit we so slack ah? aiya must be we do so fast right!" then the next morning i got the fright of my life man! ENG PRESENTATION OUTLINE DUE wasai. then after school, we each got a laptop and started durmming the keyboards like maniacs. we managed to write a 12 page report in 2hs. omg. but our presentation outline was crap. damn crap. still cant believe we actually got chosen aha. so today we didnt print the script. so as always we rush to the library to print. the presntation was not bad lah. the other grps were damn gd! liyana's grp's ideas were soooo interesting and unique! seriously i love 'em.

school's gonna get crazier. btw i totally love my new seat man that stoopid rachel lim and merissa just poke me all day long. argh. aha. but they are really nice and funnaye ppl. main problem: they arent muggers. and I NEED A MUGGER TO PUSH ME. SB LIKE YAKEI SO THAT I DONT SLACK OR SLEEP IN CLASS AHA. merissa sleeps in class (she's like forever tired) and lim just keeps annoying me with her voice (AHAHAHAHA JK i still love u hoho) the pts are coming to a climax le. due dates coming. tmr HBL. awesomezzzz. gonna soak myself in the library bcos i totally cannot concentrate at home.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 @
i m in love with coldplay. haha! ok so not the time to listen to music when PHYSICS IS IN LIKE 2 DAYS :) so. my life is in a mess right now. ok not so exaggerating la haha! it's quite bad in terms of study. physics sa, eng pt (we were initially screwed, but the fastastic rachel picked the last day of presentation for us so WOOTZ but cannot complacent!) chem pt which is due next week and I HAVENT STARTED YET, physics pt which is due next next week and it's pair work. omg i've never been so bad at this b4! pts normally i'll start like at least 2 weeks b4 one. now it's like 1 week b4 and im not doing anything cos i need to revise physics. my chem sa result was not bad but my eng SUCKED. and im really freaking depressed. i grew fatter through this 2 short weeks of gym break. seriously. im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo irritated at myself for pigging out so much. THAT'S IT. IM ON A DIET. shit tat's gonna be hard since im planning to buy mr bean bubble tea. SHIT OK I NEED TO REMIND MYSELF THAT ONE PEARL IS ABOUT 500 CALORIES. ok. shit im really need to stop saying the f word. ok. haiz. i thot the intense period is over since comp is over (which im missing soooooo much). but looks like it just got harder than ever. cheer comp is in like 1 month? yah. it's ok. just listen to music. haha just hide in a corner and listen to music.

Friday, April 8, 2011 @
double champs. double happiness double joy. double satisfaction. this year is truly wow. like even if we didnt add the FIG scores, we would have won because our xjt + c div are just amazing and they are already 1st. i am seriously so proud of everyone! denise got overal b div indiv champion. carrissa 3rd. claudia overall c div 2nd and kelly 3rd. i only got a 7th which is quite lousy. hahaha. BUT TAT DOESNT MATTER. i remember denise and i were chatting on msn, comtemplating the chance of double champs this year. cos we THOUGHT b div wasnt very strong, seeing there's no dsa indiv. denise or rose or car or me, neither of us are dsa. so we were like "shizzz and our competitors were soooo strong." got dinis janelle jasmine minting blahblha strong compeitors, so we were seriously damn stressed. but i think that made us work even harder than ever. i am so proud of dajiti. like seriously, nobody expected them to win FIRST! then on chang di after cheng gong-ing each paos, we screamed our lungs off and just WOOOSH. it was amazing. it was the best routine they ever pulled off. and xiaojiti. omg. it's like history repeating itself. an re-enactment of what happened to xjt'10. the same neatness, same judges-falling-in-love-with-us, the same awesomez smiles, but the exact same mistake and the exact same spot. where winnie and eunice's er jiao huan clashed and shi bai, mazie and tab's did too. it was sooooooooo, idk, surreal. like i couldnt believe it was happening right in front of me. i had the feeling that sth was going to happen, so when they were preparing to pao, i was like eyeing moz and tab and their ropes. and they clashed. it's really a shame. they were this close to 1st. the judges think they were the best, sherry said. they were perfect. like every single nan dus, jumps, unity, neatness were excellent. just came to that f*** pao. the cursed jinxed wateva pao. we shud seriously do sth to it to xjt'12. but that doesnt matter :) they still got 2nd. and i AM proud of them :>

gd job RGS rhythmic gym team 2011 <3 DOUBLE CHAMPS YOOZZZ

i love you sailormoon'11

Monday, April 4, 2011 @
going to school for pe tmr and then going to woodlands to shi chang di with the rest of the team. i need to chillax. ms tan said just to enjoy that time on chang di. to just smile and perform. and ENJOY :D. i'll try to enjoy and perform. not a competition. i need to really be calm. cannot freak out. thursday n friday. 3 days. nationals here we come :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011 @
oh and there's physics pt proposal due on monday. i think. oh next next monday. immediately after comp.

comp is coming. ok chill zeng yu. wooo... relax. okok. omgomg relax kay. ok. tuesday is shi chang di. OMG CHILL. OK. anyway. yeah tuesday shi chang di. thursday hoop and ribbon and jc (WENJUN!). friday clubs and jiti. OMG CHILL. ok. and i have a whirl of things coming up. i have to edit cheer music. i have to do eng review. i have to understand and then memorise fucking bio. i have to remember history. i will be missing 3 days of lessons next week. i will be missing all chem blks and 3 math blocks and 2 bio blocks and 1 history revision block. ok.

Saturday, March 26, 2011 @
today there was ce yan. i screwed up. real bad. ting was really good. i got the lowest out of the 4 da ge rens. i suck. omg. i didnt feel so bad at first. but after coming home i feel damn screwed. i even ate sushi tae with my parents. but i didnt really enjoy it, cos somehow i feel that i dun deserve that meal. argh. i was really nervous today and made loads of mistakes i shudnt have made. even jolene was like "aiyo! why shi bai so much today!" i seriously rather trade have my cheng gong everything and be constant than have little bits of nice poses here n there but drop my apparatus everywhere. haiz. BUT I READ JIANG LAOSHI'S BLOG. "其实不要太去担忧,只要尽力做到最好,展现出自己最美的一面就可以了." i really must be calm when i shang chang. really shud not let nervousness get the better of me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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My name is Potatoe, with the 'e' behind. I love potato chips! :D My mama says that ice-cream doesn't come in potato flavour. So my dream is to create a potato-flavoured ice-cream! And potato-flavoured vegetables, meat and possibly, cookies. I also want to design potato-peel clothes. Bwahahaha, POTATOES SHALL DOMINATE THE WORLD

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